Time and space of a presence

Sesc was created in 1946 with the explicit mission of improving the quality of life of workers in the trade, services and tourism sectors. It is present in all Brazilian states, in order to understand regional demands and offer its contribution to good social welfare.

In the state of São Paulo, the excellence of the work is demonstrated by the connection between what is divulged and what is effectively delivered to the population. Added to this requirement is an essential element: constant conduction of activities that complement actions promoted by public entities and related institutions. Through such constancy, Sesc has become part of the everyday life of citizens, who see the organization as a reference in educational, cultural, sports, food and health services, among many others.

The fifth edition of CIRCOS – Sesc International Circus Festival is a cultural activity that should be considered in harmony with the other programs carried out by Sesc. The combination of these work fronts provides a representative picture of the actions and social responsibilities of São Paulo’s business industry in the tertiary sector.

We therefore have a programmatic and structural scope that offers our audiences activities based on diversity and quality. And we have permanence over time, giving consistency to what is practiced daily and connecting to the past, the present and the future. This orchestration allows this important festival to be carried out as part of an expanded project whose future existence can serve as a backbone for the development of the society in which we live.


Abram Szajman
Chairman of the Regional Council of Sesc São Paulo


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