Audiovisual Immersion [Course]

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Audiovisual Immersion [Course]

With Cibele Appes, Edu Luz, Lucas Kakuda and Luh Maza

Date and time

Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 12:00 am

Recommended age: 16 years old

Audiovisual has proven to be an important tool for various artistic fields and has been strengthened in these pandemic times, when the performing arts were taken to virtual platforms. This course proposes a plunge into the audiovisual for the participant to understand, systematically, all the stages of production.

The sessions are led by artist and producer Cibele Appes, who gives an overview of video creation, from pre-production to editing and finalization. There are also specialists in different areas: Edu Luz (who deals with sound), Lucas Kakuda (photography) and Luh Maza (script).

These are expository classes, in which the artists discuss techniques and share their expertise. “Normally there isn’t a single right way to do it, so we share experiences, solutions we find by practicing,” says Cibele, manager of Fuzuê Filmes, an independent production company that works with many artists from theatre, dance and circus, adapting stage shows for the screen.

“This transposition is one of the things we want to talk about,” continues Cibele. “Because it’s not just to film a show, but to create a new work, which needs another script, another language.”

Cibele Appes is a filmmaker and activist who manages the independent production company Fuzuê Filmes. She works with video mapping, editing, directing, photography and theatre. Among her productions are the short film “Preciso Parir uma Lágrima” (I Need to Give Birth to a Tear) and the short documentary “Clake na Estrada” (Clake on the Road).

Edu Luz is an audiovisual and theatre artist. He manages the independent production company Fuzuê Filmes and works as an light designer for the artist Rincon Sapiência. He has worked with names such as Gal Oppido, Os Crespos, Taanteatro, CiaSiameses, Rosas Periféricas, Bixiga70, Black Mantra, Thiago Elnino and Os Satyros.

Lucas Kakuda is an audiovisual artist. He has acted as director of photography in short films such as: “Adágio da Procura” (Adage of Seeking), by Guily Machovec, “Dolores 602”, by Camila Biau, and “Tremembé Meu Amor” (Tremebé My Love), by Anahi Borges. In 2012, he created with Juliana Lemes the production company Brodagem Filmes. He was a facilitator in Kinoforum workshops at Centro Pop Zaki Narchi and in the audiovisual course at Vivartte school.

Luh Maza is a playwright, scriptwriter, director, actress and theatre critic. She was the scriptwriter for the fourth season of the series “Sessão de Terapia” (Therapy Session), of Globoplay/GNT, for which she was nominated for the ABRA Award for Scriptwriter of the Year 2020, and has been a part of development teams for new series for Globoplay, Netflix and HBO. In the theatre, her shows “Carne Viva” (Living Flesh), “Kiwi” and “Transtopia” are among her main works.

Places: 40
Registrations from 23rd of August, at 2:00 pm

Date and time

Tuesday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 12:00 am

Recommended age: 16 years old

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