O Sapateiro

Teatro Lá nos Fundos

(Criciúma – SC)

National première National première

If the spectators use their imagination, a shoe and other inanimate objects can become the stars of a circus performance. Convincing the audience to embrace this abstraction is the challenge taken on by Fabiano Peruchi, from Santa Catarina state, in the children’s show O Sapateiro. In a society that does not stimulate fantasy, he proposes a narrative in which everything is ruled by illusions from Clov’s the clown, created by the artist in the early 2000s. In the performance, he appears as the heir of a tradition that spans generations.

At work in the family cobbling business, a character dreams of becoming a circus artist and invites the children into an universe of illusion and enchantment, with music as an essential element to create a magical atmosphere where the objects in the set come to life. Peruchi worked for over two decades as an actor until he found out Clov’s lived inside him. Since then, the character has encouraged him to blur the lines between different artistic languages. “The circus and the clown are two sides of the same coin”, he believes. “Both are present in the collective unconscious and both are bonding, libertarian, democratic. They appropriate other means to transform themselves, but are still able to maintain their DNA intact.


Director: Martin Martinez
Cast: Fabiano Peruchi
Executive production: Fabiano Peruchi, Nascedouro Cultural


15.06 – Thursday (holiday), 5pm
16.06 – Friday, 5pm
17.06 – Saturday, 5pm
18.06 – Sunday, 5pm


Sesc Belenzinho

Duration: 45 minutes
Age recommendation: Free (suitable for children over six years)
Ticket: R$ 20 / R$ 10 / R$ 6
(sale of tickets in Sesc units)


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