All Genius All Idiot – Genial e Idiota

Svalbard Company



What makes a genius and what makes an idiot? This is the group’s provocation to the audience in a pop aesthetic presentation that proposes a discussion of the circus today.

Daring and nonsensical, the performance satirizes the hermetic sense of many contemporary circus shows. The ratty set includes animal horns, abandoned supermarket carts and a pile of garbage bags, with eccentric original music performed live by the artists adding an irreverent atmosphere.

“The story we are telling is about our life experience. There are discussions of gender and sexism, which are always present in our work, along with daily routine tensions, traumas, drama and euphoria. We share our culture without words, and this in turn helps us see and understand the world better”, according to the group.

Performed by acrobats from different countries (Spain, England, Sweden and Germany), All Genius All Idiot tackles the clash of instinct and intellect, expanding the interpretative possibilities of this primordial issue.

Conceived and performed by: Benjamin Smith, John Simon Wiborn, Santiago Ruiz Albalate, Tom Brand
Support: Arts Council England, Cirk la Putyka, Cirkör LAB & Jacksons Lane, Glastonbury Arts Commission, Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturrädet, Stockholms Stad, Subtopia
Set design: Kasper Svenstrup Hansen
Artistic collaboration: Peter Jasko
Costume design: Michiel Tange van Leeuwen
Lightdesign: Zuzana Rezna
Outside look: Methinee Wongtrakoon
Outside look: acrobatic training Bahoz Temaux
Outside look: music Mae Karthäuser
Production: Josefin Lindberg, Follow the Rabbit & Wolfgang Hoffman, Aurora Nova
Sound and audio technician: Carlos Ferrer


15.06.17 – Thursday, 6pm
16.06.17 – Friday, 9pm
17.06.17 – Saturday, 9pm
18.06.17 – Sunday, 6pm


Sesc Vila Mariana

Duration: 55 minutes
Age recommendation: 14 years
Production in Brazil:João Carlos Couto
Tickets: R$ 30 / R$ 15 / R$ 9


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